Collett Promoted to Vice President of Business Development

January 11, 2024
Angelica Letcher

RJL Solutions is proud to announce a promotion for T.J. Collett. After nearly three years as the Director of Business of Development, Collett is being promoted to Vice President of Business Development where he will work directly with the executive team.

“It is truly an honor to be elevated to Vice President of Business Development at RJL Solutions. My time at RJL has allowed me to learn from talented leaders and community advocates while expanding my network connections in the business community,” states Collett.” I value the trust RJL has placed in me with this new role. It will allow me to further advance strategic high-level initiatives in business development. I look forward to continuing my work with our current and future clients.”

The new role, Vice President of Business Development, serves as the highest level of development, strategies and retention at RJL Solutions. T.J. will be responsible for the creation and upkeep of client relationships and will use his excellent communication skills to manage high-level customer service. He will focus on developing client retention initiatives and strategies while serving as the point of contact for clients.

“I am elated to welcome T.J. to the executive team of RJL Solutions,” states RJL Solutions CEO Rachel Leslie. “His tenure with our company has more than proven his ability to drive client needs and serve on our executive team. “His key relationships in the business community make him a valuable asset to our team and a trusted resource for other clients looking for our services.”

At RJL Solutions, we help build relevance in your industry, and T.J. is the driving force that makes this statement true. He works as a community liaison when attending meetings, events, conferences, and other networking opportunities where clients need us most. His take on client care is simple, make friends and keep friends. Each client, much like each friendship, is unique. Collett will be working from the Indianapolis office serving RJL Solutions’ clients across the state of Indiana.

Danielle Isbell
Senior Director of Public Relations & Community Engagement
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