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Indiana County Commissioners

The Indiana County Commissioners (ICC), formerly known as the Indiana Association of County Commissioners, had an opportunity to further tell their story and mission set to the nearly 300 county commissioners across the state. As an association who represents Indiana County commissioners across the 92 counties, the ICC understood the best way to continue advocating for county resources was to become more relevant throughout the state.

To begin, RJL Solutions led the ICC through a comprehensive rebranding process. First, to simplify the organizational name and because it’s understood that the ICC is an association-based organization, the Indiana Association of County Commissioners dropped the “association” and became known as the Indiana County Commissioners. Through months of data collection, research and conversations, RJL Solutions developed the ICC’s new logo. The logo puts emphasis on the word “county,” drawing attention to the local government mission set of the ICC. Furthermore, the symbol of the courthouse in the logo represents the traditional and historical landmark for county government by representing where local government starts and takes root. Lastly, the colors were intentionally considered as the unifying colors of the state of Indiana.

As ICC continues to develop materials around this new brand, they position themselves as players in the arena of state government and being the leading voice for county commissioners across the state.


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