Grant Writing

Land and Water Conservation Fund

Sullivan Board of Parks and Recreation

The City of Sullivan has been on a surge of progress for the last decade, with many quality of life projects and opportunities, some of which date back over half a century. In 1963, the City opened a community pool which exceeded expectations on popularity and use. After 54 years of being a hub for summer activities, the pool closed due to necessary and costly renovations. It had lived well past its expectancy. In 2021, the City administration and the Sullivan Board of Parks and Recreation set out to revitalize the city pool. This was going to take millions of dollars in fundraising efforts. However, knowing the quality of life it brought to the citizens and visitors was a worthy pursuit for the City.

RJL Solutions, understanding grant opportunities could support much of the funding needing to open the pool, developed an application on behalf of the City of Sullivan for Department of Natural Resource’s Land and Water Conservation Fund. This fund is designed to provide grants for acquisition and/or development of outdoor recreation sites and facilities. RJL Solutions worked with the Sullivan Board of Parks and Recreation to submit an application to in the bathhouse revitalization for the pool.

The grant was successful, granting Sullivan an additional $367,932 in LWCF funds. With many efforts contributing to the revitalization, the Sullivan City Pool officially reopened to the public in July 2022.


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