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The Indiana Broadband Office is the state’s leading agency for broadband expansion and investment in Indiana. Pre-COVID, broadband was already becoming a major contributor to the state’s attraction and retention. And, as everyone can attest, COVID sparked this even further. Pre-COVID, the Indiana Broadband Office understood that communication was the biggest tool they could use to share mission and happenings of the office and broadband throughout the state.

RJL Solutions came onboard to support and enhance the IBO’s marketing and communications efforts. Beginning with the campaign, “Broadband Is...” RJL Solutions emphasized the various areas in which broadband impacts quality of life. Broadband is health, agriculture, convenience, learning, working, e-commerce, connecting, empowering. “Broadband Is...” became the catapult of work RJL supported the IBO with. It served as an educational campaign to promote positivity and awareness around broadband conversations.  

The campaign allowed RJL to launch into other facets of communications with IBO using all aspects of our comprehensive marketing and communications services.

Social media: Led IBO through strategic growth and content curation for their social media platforms. Analytics continue to perform well, proving the platform is reaching its various target audiences.

Website: Partnered with the state’s technology department to generate content on the IBO website, including a landing page and various sub-pages to communicate the mission and initiatives of IBO.

Newsletter: Managed the creation of IBO’s monthly newsletter, including content gathering from OCRA and any IBO partners.

Public Relations: Spearheaded the public relations efforts of the Broadband Ready Communities program. Steps included press release generations, community communications, distribution of IBO BBRC tool kit, and more.

Video: Created and maintained a video series titled“Broadband Champions” in which champions of BBRC’s share their process to becoming BBRCs. RJL Solutions facilitated the scheduling, filming and editing of each video.

Print: Designed various print and presentation needs for the IBO to further their messaging.


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