Strategic Planning

12 Points Revitalization Neighborhood Plan

City of Terre Haute

A historic neighborhood on the northside of the City of Terre Haute has experienced renewed life over the last several years. Volunteers and business leaders, alongside the City of Terre Haute, have poured investment and opportunity to revitalize the once thriving neighborhood. As a result, new business after new business began opening their own doors in the historic buildings, welcoming a slew of residents and visitors to the area daily.

Because of this newfound growth and revitalization, the City of Terre Haute alongside the 12 Points Revitalization group collectively decided it was time to strategically plan for the future and longevity of the area with a neighborhood plan.

RJL Solutions was hired to facilitate, research, analyze and write a 5-year plan, with the purpose of establishing concrete goals for the neighborhood and helping align resources and gaps to guide the board in future planning efforts. After months of public forums with residents, business owners and community members through other parts of the city, a community-wide survey, and facilitation amongst leaders, RJL Solutions developed a plan that outlined priority action items based on a series of pillars – quality of life, infrastructure, health and wellness, and economic development.

As a city neighborhood, it was important that the 12 Points Neighborhood Plan also aligned in ways that matched the See you In Terre Haute Community Plan, ensuring that the neighborhood was also pushing city-wide initiatives and vice versa.

The plan continues to be used for strategic planning efforts for the neighborhood to date.

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